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org::sat4j::pb::reader::OPBReader2005 Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::sat4j::pb::reader::OPBReader2005:

org::sat4j::reader::Reader org::sat4j::pb::reader::OPBReader2006 org::sat4j::pb::reader::OPBReader2007 org::sat4j::pb::reader::OPBEclipseReader2007

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Detailed Description

Based on the "Official" reader for the Pseudo Boolean evaluation 2005. http://www.cril.univ-artois.fr/PB05/parser/SimpleParser.java provided by Olivier Roussel and Vasco Manquinho.

Modified to comply with SAT4J architecture by Mederic Baron

Updated since then by Daniel Le Berre



mederic baron


Definition at line 86 of file OPBReader2005.java.

Public Member Functions

void decode (int[] model, PrintWriter out)
String decode (int[] model)
IVec< BigInteger > getCoeffs ()
IVecInt getListOfVariables ()
ObjectiveFunction getObjectiveFunction ()
IVecInt getVars ()
boolean isVerbose ()
 OPBReader2005 (IPBSolver solver)
void parse () throws IOException, ParseFormatException, ContradictionException
IProblem parseInstance (final InputStream in) throws ParseFormatException, ContradictionException, IOException
IProblem parseInstance (final String filename) throws FileNotFoundException, ParseFormatException, IOException, ContradictionException
final IProblem parseInstance (final java.io.Reader in) throws ParseFormatException, ContradictionException
void readInteger (StringBuffer s) throws IOException
String readWord () throws IOException
void setVerbosity (boolean b)

Protected Member Functions

void beginConstraint ()
void beginObjective ()
void checkId (StringBuffer s) throws ParseFormatException
void constraintRelOp (String relop)
void constraintRightTerm (BigInteger val)
void endConstraint () throws ContradictionException
void endObjective ()
boolean eof ()
boolean eol ()
char get () throws IOException
boolean isGoodFirstCharacter (char c)
boolean isGoodFollowingCharacter (char c)
void metaData (int nbvar, int nbconstr)
void putback (char c)
boolean readIdentifier (StringBuffer s) throws IOException, ParseFormatException
void readMetaData () throws IOException, ParseFormatException
void readTerm (StringBuffer coeff, StringBuffer var) throws IOException, ParseFormatException, ContradictionException
void readVariablesExplanation () throws IOException, ParseFormatException
void skipSpaces () throws IOException
int translateVarToId (String var)

Protected Attributes

boolean hasVariablesExplanation = false
int nbConstr
int nbConstraintsRead
int nbVars
final IPBSolver solver

Package Attributes

boolean charAvailable = false
boolean eofReached = false
transient BufferedReader in
char savedChar

Private Member Functions

void constraintTerm (BigInteger coeff, String var)
IProblem parseInstance (LineNumberReader in) throws ParseFormatException, ContradictionException
void readConstraint () throws IOException, ParseFormatException, ContradictionException
void readObjective () throws IOException, ParseFormatException
String readRelOp () throws IOException
void skipComments () throws IOException

Private Attributes

final IVec< BigInteger > coeffs
BigInteger d
boolean eolReached = false
boolean hasObjFunc = false
final IVecInt lits
final IVec< BigInteger > objectiveCoeffs = new Vec<BigInteger>()
final IVecInt objectiveVars = new VecInt()
String operator

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 1L

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