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org::sat4j::pb::OPBStringSolver Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::sat4j::pb::OPBStringSolver:

org::sat4j::tools::DimacsStringSolver org::sat4j::pb::IPBSolver org::sat4j::specs::ISolver org::sat4j::specs::ISolver org::sat4j::specs::IProblem org::sat4j::specs::IProblem

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Detailed Description

Solver used to display in a string the pb-instance in OPB format.

That solver is useful to produce OPB files to be used by third party solvers.


Definition at line 47 of file OPBStringSolver.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAllClauses (IVec< IVecInt > clauses) throws ContradictionException
IConstr addAtLeast (IVecInt literals, int degree) throws ContradictionException
IConstr addAtMost (IVecInt literals, int degree) throws ContradictionException
IConstr addClause (IVecInt literals) throws ContradictionException
IConstr addPseudoBoolean (IVecInt lits, IVec< BigInteger > coeffs, boolean moreThan, BigInteger d) throws ContradictionException
void clearLearntClauses ()
void expireTimeout ()
int[] findModel (IVecInt assumps) throws TimeoutException
int[] findModel () throws TimeoutException
String getExplanation ()
StringBuffer getOut ()
Map< String, Number > getStat ()
int getTimeout ()
boolean isDBSimplificationAllowed ()
boolean isSatisfiable (boolean global) throws TimeoutException
boolean isSatisfiable (IVecInt assumps, boolean global) throws TimeoutException
boolean isSatisfiable (IVecInt assumps) throws TimeoutException
boolean isSatisfiable () throws TimeoutException
boolean model (int var)
int[] model ()
int nConstraints ()
int newVar ()
int newVar (int howmany)
int nVars ()
 OPBStringSolver (int initSize)
void printInfos (PrintWriter out, String prefix)
void printStat (PrintWriter out, String prefix)
void printStat (PrintStream out, String prefix)
boolean removeConstr (IConstr c)
void reset ()
void setDBSimplificationAllowed (boolean status)
void setExpectedNumberOfClauses (int nb)
void setListOfVariablesForExplanation (IVecInt listOfVariables)
void setObjectiveFunction (ObjectiveFunction obj)
void setTimeout (int t)
void setTimeoutMs (long t)
void setTimeoutOnConflicts (int count)
String toString (String prefix)
String toString ()

Protected Member Functions

void setNbVars (int howmany)

Private Attributes

int indxConstrObj
int nbOfConstraints

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 1L

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