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org::sat4j::minisat::orders::VarOrderHeap< L extends ILits > Class Reference

Inherits org::sat4j::minisat::core::IOrder< L >, and java::io::Serializable.

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Detailed Description

leberre Heuristique du prouveur. Changement par rapport au MiniSAT original : la gestion activity est faite ici et non plus dans Solver.

Definition at line 48 of file VarOrderHeap.java.

Public Member Functions

void assignLiteral (int p)
IPhaseSelectionStrategy getPhaseSelectionStrategy ()
ILits getVocabulary ()
void init ()
int numberOfInterestingVariables ()
void printStat (PrintWriter out, String prefix)
int select ()
void setLits (L lits)
void setPhaseSelectionStrategy (IPhaseSelectionStrategy strategy)
void setVarDecay (double d)
String toString ()
void undo (int x)
void updateVar (int p)
double varActivity (int p)
void varDecayActivity ()
 VarOrderHeap (IPhaseSelectionStrategy strategy)

Protected Member Functions

void updateActivity (final int var)

Protected Attributes

double[] activity = new double[1]
Heap heap
IPhaseSelectionStrategy phaseStrategy

Private Member Functions

void varRescaleActivity ()

Private Attributes

long nullchoice = 0
double varDecay = 1.0
double varInc = 1.0

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 1L
static final double VAR_RESCALE_BOUND = 1 / VAR_RESCALE_FACTOR
static final double VAR_RESCALE_FACTOR = 1e-100

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