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int [] org::sat4j::minisat::core::Solver< L extends ILits, D extends DataStructureFactory< L >>::findModel (  )  throws TimeoutException [inline]

Look for a model satisfying all the clauses available in the problem. It is an alternative to isSatisfiable() and model() methods, as shown in the pseudo-code: if (isSatisfiable()) { return model(); } return null;

a model of the formula as an array of literals to satisfy, or null if no model is found
TimeoutException if a model cannot be found within the given timeout.

Implements org::sat4j::specs::IProblem.

Definition at line 1297 of file Solver.java.

            if (isSatisfiable()) {
                  return model();
            // DLB findbugs ok
            // A zero length array would mean that the formula is a tautology.
            return null;

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